Winsome's Albear Einstein ROM

Winsome's Albear Einstein ROM

Breeders/Owners: Frank and Kris Fasano
DOB: Mar 11 1992

Von Purdum's Billy Jack

Ch. Winsome's Paddington Bear

Rio Valle's Rozalyn v. Winsome
Winsome's Albear Einstein ROM

Ch. Langenau's Beau of Jeanden ROM/C

Winsome's Isabeau

  Ch. Saxony Beautique

 1999 Register of Merit Sire

1999 GV Ch. Winsome's Fettucini v. Cypress
Select Excellent Ch. Winsome's Woody Bearelson
Ch. Winsome's Mariah Bear v Cypress
Ch. Winsome's Lib Bear
Manorhaus Macy v Purdum
Ch. Winsome's Scarlett O'Beara
Tartan's Keep The Faith
Ch. Carousel Farm's Cosby Elkhill
Ch. Winsome's Goer v Saxony
Sazony's Zoe
PAM Winsome's Rumer v Cypress UDT, OJP, RN
Barques Flora vom Cypress