Ch. Winning Way's Chimo

Ch. Winning Way's Chimo
OFA GS-38000G26M EL3278-T
Breeder: L Abernot
Owner: B Harrison & K Taylor

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Ch. Winning Way's Chimo

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Carmspack Lalique

GSDC of America---1995---Select #6

"This was a black and tan,nicely marked and deeply pigmented dog. You would have to characterize him as strong and agile, large boned with a good dense coat and excellent secondary sex characteristics. He has a nicely chased head and a look of intelligence. His withers are high and sloping into a level back. His shoulders are long and equal in length to his upper arm. In motion, I thought his gait was outreaching, smooth and rhythmic with feet that travel close to the ground. At a full trot he was able to maintain a firm top and without sway or roll.'

~ Carmen Battaglia



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