Windwalker's Basin Street

Windwalker's Basin Street

Ch. Caralon QED Sword v Leberland ROM

Ch. Dan-Ann's Nasdaq

Dan Ann's Sentimental Journey

Windwalker's Basin Street

Ch. Zorba v Bleibtreu ROM

Windwalker's Steel Magnolia

Windwalker's Apfelsine Annie ROM


Amarillo GSDC---September 6th, 1998---Winners Dog, Best of Winners & Best of Breed

"My winners dog came out of the American Bred Class. He is a striking dark sable with a lovely dark eye who gives a whole new meaning to the words “stallion like”. A large, heavy boned young male with an iron back and extreme rear. He was good coming & going, in spite of the extreme angulation, showing that cleanness is a matter more of tight ligaments, rather than angulation. He demonstrated a nice period of suspension at a slow gait and an adequate front when moving fast."

-Carol Moore