Ch. Wilva Don's Krallo

Ch. Wilva Don's Krallo

Breeder: Wilva Don Kennels
Owner: Wilva Don Kennels and Hanarob Kennels
DOB: January 24th, 1957

Hein v. Richterbachtal ROM
1956 GV Ch. Bill v. Kleistweg ROM
Adda v. Reifeck
Ch. Wilva Don's Krallo
Cito beim Denkmal
Can. GV Ch. Helge a.d. Bodenseeheimat
Birke a.d. Bodenseeheimat

Breed Survey: General Impression: Medium size, black and tan, richly pigmented male, well stretched, dry, in excellent condition with very fine temperament.

Physical Characteristics (standing): Height: 24 3/4 inches. Weight: 92 lbs. Length: 30 inches. Depth: 12 1/4 inches. Chest Circumference: 33 1/2 inches. Body: Typy, medium size, dry long ribbed, presented in good condition. Topline: High withers, shoulder blades close at top, moderately long back and croup. Fore and Rear Legs: Straight, parallel. Strong properly strung pasterns, well formed feet. Chest and Fore Chest: Chest well developed, deep, long brisket.

Temperament: Test I: Normal. Test II: Normal. Test III: Normal. Observations After Tests: Confident, approachable, alert animated good natured.

Head and Expression: Head: Nobel, well chiseled and strong. Ears: Well placed and formed, well carried, firm. Eyes: Well placed and formed, medium color, intelligent. Teeth: Two missing premolars. Jaws: Strong.

Angulation: Rear Angulation: Well angulated. Shoulder Angulation: Satisfactory Placed slightly forward.

Coat and Pigmentation: Coat: Correct texture. Pigmentation: Strong.

Gait: Side Gait: Outreaching front and rear, feathery, travels with high withers, back yields slightly, Front Gait: True coming, moderately loose at elbows. Rear Gait: Legs, hocks and feet parallel. Hocks moderately firm.

Breeding Recommendations: Recommended for short coupled bitches, firm, and with full dentition and good shoulder placement, and with bloodlines that excel in the above characteristics

~ Redlich and Seiler; November 1960; Detroit, Michigan

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