Ch. Waldo v Bid-Scono

Ch. Waldo v Bid-Scono

Breeder: Bid-Scono
Owner: Luke E. Geraghty
DOB: March 3, 1960

1957 GV Ch. Troll vom Richterbachtal, SchH III, FH, ROM
Kuno vom Bid-Scono
Bella v.d. Wagnersruben
Ch. Waldo v Bid-Scono
Ch. Kurt von Bid-Scono
Ramona von Bud-Scono
Adoris von Bid-Scono

Breed Survey: General Impressions: A medium sized masculine dog, well balanced and dry in structure, with an alert temperament and coordinated gait Secondary Sex Characteristics: Pronounced. Constitution: Soft. Temperament: Alert. Expression: Shepherdlike.

Physical Characteristics (in stance): Structural Proportions: Trotting build, medium, balanced. Height: 25 inches. Depth: 12 1/2 inches. Weight: 90 lbs. Chest Circumference: 35 inches. Bone: Dry. Musculature: Strong, dry.

Forequarters: Angulation:: Very good. Forechest: Well developed. Pasterns: Strong. Feet: Arched. Ribbing: Oval.

Middlepiece: Back: Medium. Loin: Length: Short. Topline: Sloping. Underline: Normal.

Hindquarters: Angulation: Ideal. Thigh: Broad. Croup: Medium, very well angulated. Tail: Sabre.

Head: Masculine. Muzzle: Sufficient. Eye: Medium. Ears: Normal. Carriage: Erect. Bite: Normal. Tooth Faults: Lower left No. 2 premolar missing.

Coat: Condition: Normal. Type: Normal. Pigmentation: Sufficient.

Physical Characteristics (in action): Back: Moderately yielding. Forequarters:Sufficient. Elbows: Firm. Hindquarters: Drive: Sufficient. Trueness: True. Side Gait: Coordinated.

Unusual Abnormalities or Faults: None.

Stability: Ability to adjust to a situation: Total. Gunfire: Favorable.

Breeding Recommendations: Not recommended for bitches with faulty dentition.

1971 GV Ch. Aloha v Bid-Scono ROM
Kiela v Bid-Scono