Ch. Woodacre's Honeysuckle Rose

Ch. Woodacre's Honeysuckle Rose CD, TC
OFA GS-16765-T
Breeder: Sandra L. Whitaker
Owners: Joyce A. and John P. Eberts, M. D. 
August 8, 1982 - August 1996

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Ch. Woodacre's Honeysuckle Rose
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  Asgard's Dale of Katzenjammer ROM

GSDC of America --- 1983 --- 12 to 18 Bitch

I did not feel this class was as strong or deep in quality. My first place bitch, Woodacre's Honeysuckle Rose, was a black and cream colored bitch. Breeder/Owner: Sandra Whitaker. By Ch Woodacre's Dakota - Woodacre's Rambling Rose, she was a beautiful long striding bitch, good back, clean coming and going, an easy winner.

~ Barbara Amidon

GSDC of Mobile---November 30th, 1985---Best of Breed

"A dark black and tan female with good harmony, good balance, and good proportions. She is feminine, has a high wither, an excellent middle piece and a good croup. Forehand angulation and hindquarter angulation are excellent. Long bones are straight. Feet and pasterns are good. In gait, she is clean coming and going and has a balanced, powerful, ground covering gait with much balance and harmony. She is out of coat but even out of coat, her overall dryness comes through and for breed type she is very hard to beat. This lovely female went Best of Breed over some very excellent animals."

-Morton Goldfarb MD

GSDC of Louisiana---December 1st, 1985---Best of Breed

"This is a medium size bitch, black and tan, with good bone and good temperament. She is clean coming and going with an excellent topline. While side gaiting, she drives well off her hindquarter with a good shoulder opening. When posed, she is absolutely beautiful. The highest compliment I could say about her is that I wish I owned her. She will have a wonderful show record as a Special. In any competition, she will always be the one to try and beat"

-Mary Eischen Gattone

GSDC of Pensacola --- November 1986 --- Best of Opposite Sex

"... outstanding medium size, richly pigmented black and tan, more extreme than my other winners, (yet not overly done), with lovely type, balance, and floating gait. Pressed closely for Breed."

~ Ron DeLaney

GSDC of America---1987---Select #7

"This five year old, medium sized bitch, held up very well. She is an excellent sidemover. She is a bit long in loin, could be improved in feet and pasterns."



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"Select Champion Woodacre's Honeysuckle Rose was known as "Willie" because of Willie Nelson's song  "Honeysuckle Rose".  She was 3 years old when we bought her.  She had become available due to a divorce. 
Gail Sprock had arranged the purchase with the understanding that we would have Jerry Guzman show her in Open Bitch at the 1985 Nationals in St. Louis.  If we didn't like her, we would pay Jerry's handling fee.   If we liked her, we would take her to our veterinarian immediately upon our return to Texas.  We loved her!!!  She was 2nd Open Bitch under Bob Slay.  We stopped at our veterinarian's on the way home to have her x-rayed for OFA.

The other interesting part of her story was that we had seen her in the Maturity finals in Phoenix in 1984 under Fran Ford.  She didn't win the Maturity but had certainly impressed us.  When I saw Gail Sprock at shows in Corpus Christi, she said that there was a Select-quality bitch that might be up for sale.  Gail said her name was "Willie."  I said that I didn't know who "Willie" was, and that the only one I knew was Woodacre's Honeysuckle Rose!

Willie produced Champion Jaepaul's Jaclyn, CD, OFA hips and elbows and Champion Jaepaul's Jaima of Abzeichen, both sired by Champion Schokrest Blackstone who was RWD at the California nationals in 1987.  Carmen Battaglia was the dog judge.  That was the year that Willie went Select under Ernie Loeb and the
year that the workmen were taking up the sod while we were still taking pictures of the Selects.

She was almost ten years when I finally got around to deciding it was time to get the CD.  I took her into our veterinarian for her vaccinations before going to the shows.  He discovered a several lumps on both sides of her breasts.  He said we needed to do surgery immediately.  I was devasted.  I asked if we could wait the six weeks it would take me to finish her CD.  He agreed.  We were successful because of her intelligence and my
bull-headedness.  Her training for the CD lasted six weeks.  I did not attempt to teach a "finish."  Missing a finish would cost 3 points but was not disqualifying.  She went into surgery for a double radical mastectomy the day after she finished her CD.  She survived her breast cancer and died two weeks short of her 14th birthday."

~Owner Joyce Allison Eberts

  Denotes member of the 13-Club