Wonderland's Holly ROM

Wonderland's Holly ROM

Breeders: Edward Farrell & Leon Breault
Owners: Betty Breault & Edward Farrell

Ch. Eko-Land's Paladen ROM
  Ch. Breahausen's SWAT CD

Wonderland's Coed of Cave Hill
Wonderland's Holly ROM

Eko-Lan's Shiloh ROM

Crestgate's Fanny Farmer

  Wonderland's Amanda

1986 Register of Merit Report

"Wonderland's Holly is line bred on Ch. Eko-Lan's Morgan ROM and Ch. Dot-Wall's Vance ROM, and on Doppelt-Tay's Legal Tender ROM. Her progeny are out of 3 different sires.  Her Valmy's Coaltown ROM progeny Coal Dust and Raven are line bred on Paladen ROM and his sire Morgan ROM.  The Hawkeye daughter Medora and the Ch. Jo-San's Kareem daughter Holly are also similar line breeding on Paladen and Morgan."

~Connie Beckhardt & Maryellen Kish

Ch. Breauhausen's Coal Dust
Ch. Breahausen's Raven
Breauhausen's Medora

Breauhausen's Holly