Ch. Winsome's Mariah Bear v. Cypress

Ch. Winsome's Mariah Bear v. Cypress

Breeders/Owners: T. Castriota and F. Fasano


Ch. Winsome's Paddington Bear

Winsome's Albear Einstein ROM

Winsome's Isabeau
Winsome's Mariah Bear v. Cypress

Alator's Wendyview Colt

Falona DJ vom FairField ROM

  Brittany Manor v Fairfield

GSDC of America---1995--- Best in Futurity

"Medium sized black and tan bitch. Excellent secondary sex characteristics. Strong yet feminine. Sound temperament, sound coming and going. Good feet and pasterns, good oval dry bone, hard back, extreme sidegait, very fluid, kept feet close to the ground and followed through well. I thought as she left the ring that nothing would even compare with her for Best. I was wrong. The male, Welove DuChiens R-Man, gave her a run for the roses. It was very close, but in the end I had to go with the bitch."

~ Fred Migilore


GSDC of America---1995---Select #2

"One would have to call this bitch another very nice dog and deserving of her placing. She is black and tan, nicely marked and deeply pigmented. I would characterize her a strong, agile and large boned with a good dense coat and excellent secondary sex characteristics. She has withers that are high and that slope into a strong and level back. Her shoulder blades are long and equal in length to her upper arm. She has strong and tightly articulated feet which helps her gait. In movement she has good extension and drive. Her feet travel close to the ground. In a full trot she carries a strong topline which remains firm and level."

~ Carmen Battaglia


Ch. Winsome's Bearitney Spears
Ch. Winsome's Rauschenbear