1999 Grand Victrix
Ch. Winsome's Fettucini v. Cypress

1999 GV Ch. Winsome's Fettucini v. Cypress

1997 Canadian Grand Victrix
Breeders: F. Fasano & T. Castriota
Owners: W. M. & C. D. Hope & T. Castriota & S. Dancosse
March 25th, 1996 ~ January 6th, 2006

Ch. Winsome's Paddington Bear

Winsomes Albear Einstein

Winsome's Isabeau
1999 GV Ch. Winsome's Fettucini v. Cypress

Alator Wendyview Colt

Falona DJ Vom Fairfield

Brittany Manor v Fairfield

GSDC of America --- 1996 --- 6 to 9 Puppy Bitch

"In national competition such as this, to place an 8 month old Reserve Winners Bitch makes a statement of considerable importance. Not only did I feel that her overall quality was outstanding, but further, the award of Reserve declared that she is of superior quality in all ways, age not with standing.

Fettucini has both the structural requirements and attitude to achieve unlimited recognition. She is a medium sized, black and tan with an elegant length of neck; high wither a lovely outline. In motion, however, she is heart stopping. When seen on a loose lead, her suspension, shoulder opening and extreme front reach, coupled with good under reach and follow through clarifies the definition of a dog built for work."

~ Helen Franklin


GSDC of Southern New Hampshire---September 5th, 1998---Best of Breed

"She is poetry in motion at any speed. A gorgeous black and tan bitch, feminine, long neck sloping into a perfect layback of shoulder giving her the extension in forehand. A hard driving rear follow through completes her picture in motion Sound coming and going, Would like to have sent her around the ring several more times, to watch her gait."

-Peggy Lee


GSDC of America --- 1998 --- Select #4

"A strong, dry black and tan, solid back, high withers, impressive outline. Possibly the most exciting side mover of the bitches. Excellent rear drive and very good follow-through. Lifts in forehand and is somewhat loose going."

~ Edmond Barritt


GSDC of America---1999---Best Opposite Sex to Best of Breed

"A medium pigmented black and tan bitch of excellent proportions. Excellent  secondary sex characteristics, strong but feminine. Clean standing front and rear, sound coming and going, sidegait excellent. Excellent outreaching front, hard-driving rear finishes well behind. Back is perfect in motion or standing. Her feet stay close to the ground, front and rear in motion. This bitch is no stranger to me. I put her Canadian Grand Victrix a couple years ago. Because of her age, I thought she might have lost a step, but not so. I liked her even better than in Canada. If I were to change her in  any way, I would like to see her feet and pasterns to be ever so slightly better. I congratulate the owners and breeders of his wonderful bitch. You must be very proud."

~ Fred Migilore