Winsmoor's Ambush ROM

Winsmoor's Ambush ROM

Breeders: Ilka M. Saebeler & Betty Radzevich
Owner: Ilka M. Saebeler

1972 GV Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan ROM

Lincolnwood's Falkon

Von Nassau's Gyrra
Winsmoor's Ambush ROM

Ch. Von Nassau's Sherpa 

Lincolnwood's Sascha

  Calli von Friden

1986 Register of Merit Report

"Winsmoor's Ambush is line bred on GV Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan ROM.  Her offspring are from 3 different sires but they are all line bred on Reno and Harrigan."

~Connie Beckhardt & Maryellen Kish

Ch. Boken Kamp's Axelon v. Winsmoor
Ch. Winsmoor's T. Magnum
Ch. Yarmor's Jace
Ch. Shiral's Arimus v. Bokenkamp
Winsmoor's April Bokenkamp
Winsmoor's Donnermeadchen
Pinebeach's Cerpico

Winsmoor's Dino of Jon-Jo

Pinebeach's Cerpico