Ch. Wilva Don's Schatz v. Thornoaks ROM

Ch. Wilva Don's Schatz v. Thornoaks ROM
Breeder: Bill Collins
Owner: Harry Schneider
DOB: January 29th, 1958

Axel v.d. Deininghauserheide

1957 GV Ch. Troll vom Richterback ROM

Lende v. Richterbach
Ch. Wilva Don's Schatz v. Thornoaks ROM

VA Rolf v. Osnabruckerland SchH III

Hanni v Stuveeschacht

  Amala v Stuveschacht

Breed Survey: Large, typy, dry, well balanced bitch with good topline, legs anc hest as viewed in stance. Sound in temperament. Full dentition with correct bite. Gait correct as viewed from all angles. Expression lacks desired nobitly.

Physical Characteristics (standing): Height: 24 inches. Weight: 67 lbs. Length: 28 1/2/ inches. Depth: 11 inches. Chest Circum ference: 30 inhes. Body: Typy, large, well muscled, well balanced bitch, presetned in good condition. Topline: Hgih withers, clean well carried neck, long well formed sloping croup, low set tail proper lenfth, feathered. Fore and Rear Legs: Straight, parallel legs, strong properly strung pasterns, well formed and well paded feet. Chest and Fore Chest: Chest well developed.

Temperament: Test I: Normal. Test II: Normal. Test III: Normal. Observations After Tests: Reserved, approachable, good natured but a trifle indifferent.

Head and Expression: Head: Somewhat lacking in nobility. Ears: Well placed, well formed. Eyes: Well placed, well formed; medium. Teeth: Full dentition, correct bite. Jaws: Strong.

Angulation: Rear Angulation: Well angulated. Should Angulation: Well placed and well laid back.

Coat and Pigmentation: Coat: Correct texture. Pigmentation: Strong.

Gait: Side Gait: Outreaching front and rear, feathery, travels with high withers with feet close to ground. Front Gait: True coming. Rear Gait:Legs, hocks and feet parallel.

~ Mann and Arnold; September 26, 1959; Farmer City, Illinois



May 1966--Register of Merit Report

"Perhaps if Schatzie herself could talk she would say she finds it quite fun to join the feminine ROM "STARS" a month late with the boys who also made the title as of May 1966: however she really beat them to it for her record put her in the ROM group late last summer."

"Schatzie has 129 ROM points won by 5 offspring--namely, Ch. Hanarob's Shawn, Ch. Hanarob's Sonja, Ch. Hanarob's Touche, Hanarob's Tristan and Hanarob's Tempo both of whom have both their majors and are sure to give her 5 champion offspring"

"Schatzie is owned by Harry Schneider, Hanarob Kennels, Orland Park, Il. He bought her as a six week old puppy from breeder "Bill" Collins and she has been a house and kennel dog ever since. She is now 8 years old-still gay and frisky. Two of her daughters from her first litter have been named SELECT at our National Specialty--one first and one fourth in the Select class."

"So Schatzie you are a real star: tell the "boys" you are a rose in their ROM cabbage patch this beautiful month of May 1966. Congratulate to you and your owners"

~ Margaret Megahan
Chairman -- ROM Bitches 1966