Wilva Don's Leda ROM

Wilva Don's Leda ROM

Breeder: George William Collons
Owner: Wilva Don Kellens
DOB: March 5th, 1955

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Wilva Don's Leda ROM

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  Trudl v.d. Hollenquelle SchH I

1959 Breed Survey: General Impression: Large bitch of magnificent type and gait, good chest and topline with properly formed croup, correct dentition sound straight legs. Paling in color and displaying unfavorable reaction in temperament tests.

Physical Characteristics: Height 24 inches Wiehgt: 63 lbs. Lenight 28 inches. Depth 11 inches. Chest Circumference: 30 inches. Body: Typy, medium size, dry, well muscled, well bakanced, compact bitch, presetned in good condition. Topline: High weithers, clean well carried neck, short muscular back, long well formed sloping croup. Fore and Rear Legs: Stright, parallel legs, strong propoerly sprung pasterns. Chest and Fore Chest: Chest well developed.

Temperament: Test I: Normal. Test II: Reaction. Test III: Normal. Observations After Tests: Approachable but object and noise shy.

Head and Expression: Head: Satrisfactory. Ears: Well placed, well formed, well carried and firm. Eyes: Well placed, well formed; dark. Teeth: Full dentition, correct bite. Jaws: Sufficent.

Rear Angulation: Well angulated. Shoulder Angularion: Well placed and well laid back.

Coat and Pigmentation: Coat: Correct texture. Pigmentation: Insufficient.

Gait: Side Gait: Brilliant outreaching front and driving rear, feathery gail, travels with high withers. Front Gait: True coming. Rear Giat: Legs, hocks, and feet parallel.

Additional remarks: Placed in Class #2 because of temerament. Bich has produced a number of Class #1 porduce that has been surveyed.

Breeding Warnings: Should not be bred to dogs of insufficient pigment or strenght of character.

~ Mann and Arnold; September 26, 1959; Farmer City, IL

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