Wilhelm's Rita of Rocoway CDX, ROM

Wilhelm's Rita of Rocoway CDX, ROM
Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Nutter

Ch. San Miguel's Baron of Afbor UD

1953 GV Ch. Alert of Mi-Noah ROM

Mi-Noah's Ophelia of Long-Worth
Wilhelm's Rita of Rocoway CDX, ROM

Barry v Temalore

Tracy's Guardian Princess

Lorelyn Duchess


1964 Register of Merit Dam

"When Brigette, as Rita is called, was 7 months old and had never been out of a kennel, the Nutters bought her, sight unseen, for her bloodlines. That was 7 years ago--years during which she has been a house pet and guardian of the Nutter's two sons. She recieved the Dog World award for high Obedience scores and still the lovely black and cream dog loves to work. She has one son working in a North Carolina prison and another on guard duty in Chicago. Recently he helped break a case involving 21 persons. Bridgette has whelped 5 litters and is now retiring from breeding."

-Margaret M. Megahan