Ch. Wes-Mar's Escapade

Ch. Wes-Mar's Escapade

Breeder - M D Falcone
Owner - M & J Falcone

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hammer ROM

Ch. Die Herzogin Mateus v. Hesan

Von Nassau's Valta of Louron
Ch. Wes-Mar's Escapade

Ch. Rogue-Haus Paolo of Rym-Sas

Wes-Mar's Tara of Rogue-Haus

  Wes-Mar's Hy-Light

GSDC of America---1984--- Select #3

"Ideal size, beautiful type, exciting sidegait while not necessarily correct, very fluid, good front and rear, good follow through, good coming but a slight tendency towards cowhocked. A very lovely bitch that just floated in motion on a tight or loose lead, but a bit high off the ground lifting in front. I liked her very much especially at a slower gait on a loose lead."

~ Fran Ford

GSDC of America --- 1984 --- Maturity Victrix

"Preferred the bitch due to her outstanding performance. Truly a lovely bitch in all respects; loose-lead or pulling."

~ Fran Ford