Ch. Werttemberg's Boku

Ch. Werttemberg's Boku

Breeders/Owners: Dr David H. King & Dodi Driskil-King

Ch. Totano's Zando

Ch. Werttemberg's Brutus Beef Cakes

Werttemberg's Remington Steel ROM
Ch. Werttemberg's Boku
  Ch. Breauhausen's Spectrum

Ch. Werttemberg's Zoee

  Werttemberg's Reminton Steel ROM

GSDC of America---1994---Futurity Victrix

"one outstanding bitch, a medium-to-upper-medium size, well-proportioned and typey bitch of good pigment. Good overline although croup could be longer and less steep. Very good underline from her good upper arm and good prosternum to last ribs. Dry and hard enough; good feet and pasterns. Very good (more than enough) rear angulations, straight in stance, true coming and going. Very good reach and drive, firm back. V-1."

~ Fred Lanting

"animated elegance. Black and tan. A strong bitch in excellent physical condition. It took her the entire class to settle down. She glided around the ring with a strong topline. Excellent rear angulation and follow-through."

~ Helen Gleason

GSDC of America---1995---Maturity Victrix

"Medium to large black and rich tan bitch. Secondary sex characteristics excellent (some might think her a bit doggy). Sound temperament, sound coming and going, good feet, dry oval bone, hard back, very good sidegait At times on a tight lead she tended to lift a little in front, but on a loose lead she kept her feet close to the ground and followed through well. She gave the impression of great strength."

~ Fred Migilore


GSDC of America---1995---Select #5

"This is a good athlete and was a crowd favorite. Overall she can be characterized as agile and well muscled. Her black and tan coat is dense. She has good bone and substance with excellent secondary sex characteristics. Her neck is long and strong. Standing and in motion her withers are high and they slope into a strong back. She has good ribbing and shoulder blades that are long and near equal in length to her upper arm. Her strongest characteristic is her sidegait which is smooth and powerful. In motion her feet travel close to the ground and she carries a firm and level topline that neither sways or rolls."

~ Carmen Battaglia

GSDC of America---November 8th, 1997---Select #7