Ch. Weicho's Geneva

Ch. Weicho's Geneva

Ch. Jericho's Gatineau ROM

Ch. Asgard's Big Ben of Encore ROM

Asgard's Baja Jolyn

Ch. Weicho's Geneva

Leiter's Firecracker TC, ROM

Ch. Weicho's Fire Dance ROM

Weicho's Strike It Rich

GSDC of Baton Rogue---September 16th, 2001---Winner Bitch, Best of Winners & Best Opposite Sex

"This gal is a rich, medium black and tan with good ears, a medium eye, short hock, and good middle piece and back.  She has a pretty front and good shoulder, and is a beautiful mover.  One gorgeous bitch!"

~Kathy Field Casteel, Esq.

Diablo Valley GSDC---March 17th, 2002---Winners Bitch & Best Opposite Sex

"A large black and red bitch who got better the longer she went.  She ahs a good topline both standing and in motion.  A nice ground-covering bitch with an excellent forehand.  I understand she only needs one point to finish."

~Margaret (Peggy) Douglas