Ch. Vox Wikingerblut ROM

Ch. Vox Wikingerblut ROM
Owners: Ralph & Mary Roberts

Argant v Detlefs Ruh SchH III FH 

V Dick v Backerkamp SchH III  FH 
  Centa v. Backerkamp SchH I
Ch. Vox Wikingerblut ROM

Harry v Eggetal SchH I

Quora Pressenblut SchH I

  Moni v Stuvesschacht SchH I

1969 Register of Merit Sire

MV/FV Select Ch. Juvanko's Nemo
Juvanko's Debrina
Select Ch. Val Koa's Imperial Mist
Select Ch. Val Koa's Sentry
Select Ch. Val Koa's Viking Princess
Ch. Val-Koa's Roon
Ch. Val-Koa's Charo
Ch. Rockland's Hexe Wikingerblut
Ch. Celebrity's Tijuana Brass
  Ch. Celebrity's Theme Song
  Ch Vom Guengerich's Fee of Val-Koa
  Ch. Val-Koa's Vox Angelica CD
  Ch. Celebrity's Mr Tambourine Man
  Ch. Celebrity's Lullaby
  Ch. Green Wood's Couterpoint
  Ch. C-J's Bandido of West Wind