Ch. Von Soler's Balder CD

Ch. Von Soler's BalderCD
OFA GS-323
Breeder:  M.S. Dillon
Owners:  Barbara P. & Kenneth W. Ward
DOB: February 26th, 1966

Arras v. Adam-Riesezwinder SchH III

V-Klodo a.d. Eremitenklause ROM

Halla a.d. Eremitenklause SchH III
Ch. Von Soler's Balder CD

V Ingo v. Haus Elkemann SchH III, FH

Wilda Winkingerblut SchH I, ROM

SG Aida v.d. Artlandsperle SchH I

October 1968---Winners Dog

"A pleasing dog, very well balanced, handsome and demanding attention.  He moved easily and although he was pushed a bit by the reserve winner dog Juvanko's Nemo, he stood up well under the work and therefore got the nod."

-Harold Sands

GSDC of America---1969---Select #11

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