Ch. Von Eck's Mark CD

Ch. Von Eck's Mark

Breeder/Owner: J.L. Ecklund

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Ch. Caralon's Phantom v. Lebarland

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Ch. Von Eck's Mark

Philberlyn's Patriot

Von Eck's Katherine ROM

  Bachlund's Deborah

GSDC of San Diego --- September 9th, 1983---Best of Breed

"A deep sable with stallion type qualities.  Well developed muscles, good ribbing, hard, dry balanced mover, looked good at gaits.  True showman."

-Joe Poepping

January 1985---Best of Breed

"A dog that seems to nearly have it all.  Excellent temperament, somewhat oversized but properly proportioned body.  Head might be broader for his size and sex.  But is not lacking masculinity, a sable with a black recessive showing through.  Faultless in topline, prosternum and underline.  Black nails and eyes.  Excellent ribbing, drv, good ear set.  Only a hint of looseness in the hocks.  True coming in.  Firm back, excellent extension, excellent drive and under reach."

-Fred Lanting


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