Ch. Von Darion's Cuno

Ch. Von Darion's Cuno
Breeder: Marion T. Darling
Owner: Marion T. Darling and A.W. Strametz
DOB: May 24th, 1959


Ch Egor of San Miguel ROM

Ch. Squire of San Miguel ROM

Ch Christel of San Miguel CD
Ch. Von Darion's Cuno

Ch. Zym of San Miguel

Am/Can. Ch. Hy-Verta's Candy ROM

  Sandra of San Miguel

GSDC of America---1960---Winners Dog

1961 Breed Survey - General Impression: A medium sized dog of good bone and substance, sufficiently dry. Good front and rear Angulation, outreaching buoyant gait. Feet a trifle long. Normal dentition. Secondary Sex Characteristics: Pronounce. Constitution: Powerful. Temperament: Spirited, alert. Expression: Shepherdlike, lively.

Physical Characteristics (in stance) Structural Proportion: Trotting build, medium, substantial. Height: 25 1/4 inches. Depth: 12 1/4/ inches. Weight: 95 lbs. Chest Circumference 33 inches. Bone: Strong, dry. Musculature: Strong, dry.

Forequarters: Angulation: Very good. Forechest: Well developed. Pastern: Strong. Feet: Somewhat long. Ribbing: Oval.

Middlepiece: Back: Medium. Loin: Length: Medium. Depth: Deep. Topline: Sloping. Underline: Normal.

Hindquarters: Angulation: Ideal. Thigh: Broad. Croup: Long, well-formed. Tail: Long, sabre.

Head: Masculine. Muzzle: Strong. Eye: Dark. Ears: Normal. Carriage: Erect. Bite: Normal. Teeth: Normal.

Coat: Condition: Normal. Type: Normal. Pigmentation: Strong.

Physical Characteristics (in action) Back: Firm. Forequarter outreaching. Elbows: Firm. Hindquarter: Drive: Powerful. Trueness: True. Side Gait: Coordinated outreaching.

Unusual Qualities or Faults: None.

Stability: Ability to adjust to a situation: Total.

Breeding Recommendations: Recommended for all good bitches with firm temperament and good feet.

~ Grant Mann; June 1, 1961; Menio Park, California