Ch. Valmy's Pinebeach Yeager

Ch. Valmy's Pinebeach Yeager

Breeder: Joan Ortigara & C. Mardecz
Owner: K & C. Mardecz
January 8th, 1986

Ch. Hoheniechen Magnum ROM

Ch. Langenau's Beau of Jeanden ROM

GV Ch. Jeanden's L'Erin of Langenau
Ch. Valmy's Pinebeach Yeager

Ch. Pinebeach's Casanova

Ch. Valmy's Perhaps Love

  Ch. Valmy's Uncola CD ROM

GSDC of America---1986---6 to 9 Puppy Dog

"Nicely proportioned black and tan male.  Good head, dark eyes, high wither, strong back and good topline.  A coordinated easy mover who kept a consistent outline on a loose or tight lead.  Clean."

-Ed Barritt

July 1987---Winners Dog

"Large black and tan male with very good pigment.  His eyes were adequate and his ears were erect and correct.  Topline was very correct and very hard and strong.  His front angulation was correct in motion.  Dentition was correct.  Overall type and impression is excellent.  Sidegait was excellent.  Correct coming and going

-Carmen Battaglia

GSDC of Washington --- November 1987---Winners Dog

"A real handsome dark pigmented black and tan.  Beautiful expression, perfect ear set, well formed eye, good neck piece, perfect dentition.  Clean coming and going.  Strong coordination, fluid mover with good extension.  This dog was in hard, dry working condition, shown to perfection by his handler"

~ Peggy Lee

Ch. Valmy's Show Me The Way
Valmy's Uptown Girl
Ch. Woodhaven's Knightrider
Woodhaven's Dari of Sinca
Shannara's Stonehenge v Pasa

Denotes a member of the 13-Club