Ch. Utopia's Ghost Writer

Ch. Utopia's Ghost Writer
OFA GS-55582 G24M-T GS-EL9788-T
Breeder: K. Aubrey
Owners: Victoria Cayer & Kathy Aubrey
DOB: April 15, 1997


Von Ivo's Tru Spirit of Jerico ROM

Ch. Jericho's Gatineau TC ROM

Sunday Silence of Nordlicht ROM
Ch. Utopia's Ghost Writer

Ch. Nike-Clayfield Andretti ROM

Utopia's Episode v. Backachers ROM

  Randheim's Restless Heart

GSDC of America---1998---#1 Bred-By-Exhibitor Dog

"A medium sized sable who was a consistent mover. He had a well laid on shoulder with a firm back, and excellent drive with transmission through a strong middle piece to an equally good forehand. Good ligamentation."

~ Fran Ford