Ch. Uncus of Longworth ROM

Ch. Uncus of Longworth ROM
(pictured with Dick Vaughn)

Barry vd Gimpelalm SchH II

Arry v. Burghalderring, SchH III, FH, ROM

Morgu Vd Hohen Fichte
Ch. Uncus of Longworth ROM

Int Ch. Mercurio of Long Worth ROM

Ch. Fascimile of Long Worth
    Shady Lady of Pine Hollow

"Uncas was so noticeable because of his floating ground covering gait. He could have been one of the dogs that got us thinking of nothing but side movement. Even so, Uncas was beautifully sound both coming and going. His head was funny and ears flipped in the wind. I remember going over that front so many times as I tried to figure just how he got his legs so far out in front of him. An interesting thing is that his shoulder did not appear particularly well laid back but he had an unusually long upper arm that seemed to tuck his front legs back far underneath him while he was standing. Combined with this was a looseness of ligamentation that showed as a flexing in the back that probably because of correct body structure was not accompanied by lateral irregularities.

He had very long bones in the rear; that seemed to fit naturally into the overall picture without cow hocks and with full extension of the bones when he moved. I also remember the croup as being short but sitting on a good angle. I did get tapes of Uncas and when I look at them years later I see the unreality of what we were looking at. The front extension looked so great because the leg came forward so correct at such a proper angle. I think the long upper arm minimized the drop and he was a beautiful floater, - so balanced."

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History

1963 Register of Merit Sire

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