1995 Sieger
VA Ulk von Arlett SchH III KD1

1995 Sieger VA Ulk von Arlett SchH III KD1
HP Italy
DOB: January 28, 1990

VA Eiko vom Kirschental SchH III/FH
VA Yago vom Wildsteiger Land SchH III/FH
V Quina von Arminius SchH II
1995 VA1 Ulk von Arlett
VA Fedor von Arminius SchH III
V Dolly von Arlett SchH II
V Bambi vom Feldschlosschen SchH III

German Sieger Show --- September 1992 --- V7

German Sieger Show --- August 1993 --- VA6

German Sieger Show --- September 1994 --- VA2

German Sieger Show --- September 1995 --- VA #1

"Convey-largely, central strongly, contentful, very good expression, very good total strength, harmonious relationship from height to the length. High whither, well stored croup, good bending of the forward and rear and, balanced chest conditions. Very good unanimity the elbow, correct front. Correct signal element sequence, strong courses expenditure-maturing far, effective supply productive precedence, good back transmission. Safe nature, hardness, courage and combat impulse pronouncedly; discharges. V. Very good drynesses, firmness and unanimity. VI. Been suitable to the improvement of building conditions, pigmentation and the expression."

~ P. Me▀ler