Trommel's Ivan of Berlindale

Trommel's Ivan of Berlindale

Breeder:  R.A. Graves & L.E. Kutschera
Owner: J. & R.A. Graves

Bodo v Grafental SchH III
Ch. Dirk v.d. Trommel CD
Am./Can Ch. Trommels Jasmin of Ryandale
Trommel's Ivan of Berlindale
Trommel's Penelope

Northeastern Indiana K.C. --- November 6, 1988 --- Winners Dog

"Very richly pigmented sable with much black overlay, dark face, dark eyes, excellent secondary sex characteristics -- what the breed needs more of now. Excellent pasterns and feet (another hard to find attribute). Well developed prosternum, chest, and loins. High energy combined with his fairly good shoulder assembly resulted in some high stepping at fast speed, but when moved at a moderate trot he exhibited adequate reach, very strong back, very good extension, and excellent balance."

~ Fred Lanting