Ch. Tricklin Fall's Flight of Freedom

Ch. Tricklin Fall's Flight of Freedom
OFA GS49751G24M
Owners: Karen P. McMahon
July 4th, 1999

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Ch. Hoheneichen's Flag ROM
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Ch. Tricklin Fall's Flight of Freedom

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Caprice Cede Kid Kat

  Ch. Caprice Kitty Hawk ROM

Mid Pacific Maturity---1997---Best in Maturity

" To get a quick first impression, I looked at each of the class dogs standing from a distance before I approached them. The winner of this class made a striking first impression on me, both from a distance and close up.He is a larger stallion type black and red tan dog with a classic male head, a confident presence, and beautiful breed type. His bone substance and size are in harmony. Often this style male isn't quite the side-gaiter that a more refined dog "that moves like a bitch" can be. Flight of Freedom is an exception to that. He moved with coordination and masculine grace, has a strong back, and takes a long powerful stride. My first impression is a lasting impression. This sound dog is presented by Mike Sherman."

-Gail Sprock