Ch. TRAFALGARís Nightraider Kismet

Ch. TRAFALGARís Nightraider Kismet

Breeders: Michael-Robert Cheeks & R. Kish
Owner: Michael-Robert Cheeks
DOB: May 30th, 1996


Toro of Jeanden

1996 GV Ch. Stoneway's Uecker

DuChien's Ghia of Langenau
Ch. TRAFALGARís Nightraider Kismet

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Ch.Trafalgar's Heat of the Night

Amber's Kelley


Ottawa GSDC---July 12, 1997---Winners Dog

"This is a young dog who came from the 12-18 Class. This dog was structural very correct. He had a very long reaching side gait carrying a good back and topline in motion. He was masculine. He was out of coat but otherwise in superb condition. He was also Best of Winners on this day."

-Rita Sandell


GSDC of America --- November 1997 --- 12 to 18 Month Dog


GSDC of America --- November 1998 --- Open Dog

"A handsome masculine black and tan dog with a good forehand, strong middle piece, and is clean at both ends. He has a very strong hindquarter for his age (which I certainly did not know at the time of judging.) He has a strong rear drive and follow through, and is very impressive in motion for his age DOB: 5/30/96."

Fran Ford


GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Select #9

"A well pigmented black and tan male. Good proportions, good secondary sex characteristics. Sound coming and going. Very good sidegait, outreaching front, drives and finishes well behind. Excellent back, good croup. I would like to see his head a little stronger."

~ Fred Migilore

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