2008 Grand Victor Select
Ch. TRAFALGARís Full Throttle

2008 GV Ch. TRAFALGARís Full Throttle

Breeder: Michael Robert and Susan Cheeks
: Michael Robert & Susan Cheeks & Libby Cameron
DOB: March 24, 2006

1996 GV Ch. Stoneway's Uecker
Select Ex Ch. Welove DuChien's Rollins ROM
Welove Du Chien's Heather ROM
2008 GV Ch. TRAFALGARís Feature Presentation
AOE Select Ch Weicho's Flash Dance TC CD ROM
2x Select Ex. Ch. TRAFALGAR'S Pacific Chai
Ch. TRAFALGAR'S Nightheat Kismet ROM

GSDC of Amercia --- November 5th, 2008--- Best In Maturity

"This is a spectacular dog. He is a stand out, a magnificent dog... a medium large male of excellent proportions. He is a strong, powerful, and efficient mover. He has a great shoulder extension, a strong back and very powerful follow through. You just could not beat him with his spectacular side gait. He is also very clean coming and going. I would like to see a slightly more masculine head on him otherwise he is very close to the standard. He displayed an excellent temperament. Went on to be the Grand Victor."

~ Michell Chaloux

"It was exciting to see Full Throttle again with more maturity and in beautiful coat and award him the Best in Maturity Quote a package, a one-piece dog with an iron back and a strong rear. He is a standerd-sized dog with near perfect proportions. He give the appearance that it is so easy that he could just go all day and he has the spirit to do just that. He was also in beautiful condition. Thank you Michel Chaloux for sending me two such outstanding males."

~ Judge Cappy Pottle



GSDC of America ---November 9, 2008--- Grand Victor

"A confident, noble dog of exceptional structure. Complete dentition, scissors bite, dark almond eye. A richly pigmented dog with a correct double coat. Normal size and normal proportions, substantial strong bones. He is a well developed young dog. He carried a strong topline at any speed; his back is firm and straight and is of normal length, with a slightly steep croup and correct tail set. He stands correctly in front and rear and has good pasterns and good feet. Hes elbows are tight and his rear ligaments are very strong; he is sound both coming and going. The outstanding feature of this young animal is his excellent front reach and rear drive, moving closely to the ground at all speeds with no wasted motion. Berstler, always presented on a loose lead which allowed him to move smoothly at all times."

~ Helen Gleason


GSDC of America --- October 14, 2009 --- Select #2

~ Dave Rinke


Jerrwen's King Edmund