Ch. Topflight's Laredo v Freeling

AOE Ch. Topflight's Laredo v Freeling CD, TC, ROM
OFA GS-EL4247M26 GS-39515G28M
Breeders: W & C Freehling
Owners: D & M Levin
DOB: May 15 1992

1983 GV Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen ROM

Ch. Topflight's Dallas v Jeanden

Langenau's Beige of Jeanden (Beau's litter sister)
AOE Ch. Topflight's Laredo v Freeling CD, TC, ROM

Sonsan's Isaac

Freehling's Nby

Ch. Dan-Ann's Sweet and Low

GSDC of America---1995---Select #5

"This was a black and tan masculine looking dog with excellent secondary sex characteristics. Perhaps he is best described by saying that he is strong and well muscled, has large bone, correct ribbing with a croup that is long and gradually sloping. In motion his feet travel close to the ground and at a full trot his topline remains firm and level. I liked his balance and his ability to move forward."

~ Carmen Battaglia

GSDC of America---1996---Select #2

"a 4 year old male of medium-large size, with excellent sex characteristics, stallion-type male strong head and dark eye. Very good bone and substance, nicely balanced in shoulder and rear angulation. Good pigment and nice reach of neck. Easy, ground-covering gait from the side, but doesn't not have quite the reach in front as the dog in front of him. Reasonable coming and going, though a little short in croup. He also h as OFA hips and elbows."

~ Ralph Roberts

1998 Register of Merit Sire

OTCH Citilite's Talent Scout UDX, TDX, TC
Derays' Little Runaway
Ch. Three D's May West Sunnydae
Sunnydae's Cookie II
  Ch. Three D's Miss Kitty  
Ch. Barae's Ultimate Desire
Caprice's Magnificent Kat
Ch. Freehling's Topflight Bogart
Topflight's Jewel of Freehling
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