Ch Todorhaus-Chablis Santana


Ch Todorhaus-chablis Santana

Breeder: Sharon Todoroff & Cindy & Ardlin Bartley
Owner: Roberta Moore
DOB: 06/06/2000

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Ch. Todorhaus Tennessee Jed HT ROM
Ch. Todorhaus Savannah ROM
Ch Todorhaus-chablis Santana
Inflight's Fly So Free
Inflight's Jubilee v Chablis ROM
Sid's Such A Perfect Moment

GSDC of America --- October 19, 2007 --- Veteran Dog 7 to 12

"This is a large well-built dark sable with excellent secondary sex characteristics. He has better than average bone and substance. He continued to demonstrate his willingness to work and showed remarkable agility for a veteran."

~ Dr. Carmen Battaglia