Ch. Thornoaks' Iago v. Faust


Ch. Thornoaks' Iago v. Faust


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Ch. Wilva Don's Faust ROM
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Ch. Thornoaks' Iago v. Faust
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Ch. Wilva Don's Sonnig v Thornoaks ROM
Hanni v Stuveschacht

Shoreline GSDC --- Summer 1969 --- Best of Breed

" A fine class of Specials saw the substantial, stallion like 5 1/2 year old Ch. Thornoak's Iago v Faust, owned by Oakbriar Kennel, taking a hard fought Best of Breed win. He was shown in top condition, and moved with a powerful, ground covering gait. It was very gratifying to learn later that this dog had just recently recovered from the shock and grief of losing his previous owners in a fatal car accident, and due to the loving care of his new young owners, was ready to stage a come back -- and what a glorious come back."

~ Mary Southcott