Ch. Taperhaus Houdini

Ch. Taperhaus Houdini
Owners: M. Kohlman P. Ayers R&P. Rabago

Born: January 11, 1982

Ch. Brimhall's Supercharger

Ch. R K's Phantom Charger

Caralon's Dori of Judeen CD

Ch. Taperhaus Houdini


Taperhaus Pola


May 1984---Winners Dog & Best Opposite Sex

"This dog gets better the longer he goes.  Excellent type, decent size with good balance.  Lovely side gait covers the ground.  Good topline, eager movement, clean coming and going, masculine.  Good shoulder opening.  Super disposition."

-Margeret Stugeon

November 1984---Winners Dog & Best Opposite Sex

"Strong temperament, medium size black and tan, strong pigment, pronounced sex characteristics.  Strong head, strong ears, slightly light eyes, normal length of coat, good proportions  height to length, normal underline, normal average croup with normal angle tail set normal average forequarter with average scapula at 90% angle.  Hindquarter 90% with normal rear pasterns.  Front pasterns adequate normal feet correct scissor bite normal teeth, none missing.  Structure in motion clean coming and going, good side gait excellent hindquarter, excellent forequarter with a firm overline."

-Carmen Battaglia

February 1985---Best Opposite Sex

"A young stallion like black and tan male who moved true going and coming and was blessed with an outreaching drive well coordinated gait from the side."

-Mary Southcott