Ch. Tannenwald's Igor ROM

Ch. Tannenwald's Igor ROM

Breeder: G. Hoppe and A. Considine
Owners: M.D. Considine

Sgr. Ch. Volker v Zollgrenzschautz-Haus

Jardo's Kurt of Cosalta

Jardo's Greta
Ch. Tannenwald's Igor ROM

Ch. Atlas v Elfenhain

Bruni of Tannenwald

Abadee's Jan v Haus Vista

GSDC of Western Massachusetts, Inc --- April 29, 1967 --- WD, Best of Winners, Best of Breed

“Grey and tan, beautiful type. Balanced, with a strong back. An excellent, effortless mover.”
Best of Winners – “Tannenwald’s Igor, who went up on balanced, effortless gait.” "There were eight Champions in Specials, 7 dogs and 1 bitch. All were quality animals – it was a pleasure to watch them standing and moving, all gay and animated. The choice for Best of Breed narrowed down to Ch Falco of Thunder Rock, Ch Stormhaven’s Dolf and the Best of Winners dog, Tannenwald’s Igor, and Igor won top honors on his superlative, effortless gait."

~ Judge Miss Marie J Leary


GSDC of America --- 1967 --- Maturity Victor


~ Mr. James Norris


GSDC of America---1968---Select #2

" Tannenwald's Igor. A 3 year old sable of beautiful general appearance. He has an outreaching side gait and is clean at both ends. I would like to see a little more dog all over. I was not quite convinced about this dog's character as he did not display the confidence, calmness, and poise of the Grand Victor."

-Ernest Loeb

GSDC of Staten Island --- July 4, 1969 --- Best of Breed

"What a Class! All in prime condition and eager with the choice finally going to CH. TANNENWALD'S IGOR. This dog is one of the best in type, soundness and temperament; a great dog; when he moves, he floast; no effort; great condiont; one of the all time greats. Later, I learned this was a repeat of last year's placing."

~ Fred A. Rundo


The Bay State Specialty --- 1969 --- Best of Breed

"... a sable dog. I had never seen Igor before, and was very impressed. He is true in every respect. He is a great moving dog with a beautifl top line and croup, and excellent temperament. A really top animal."

~ Sally Keyes

1972 Register of Merit Sire


June 1974---Best of Breed

"An extremely fine shepherd who at the ripe age of over 9 years still looks to be in his prime and aside from the loss of several teeth could still give any dog a run for the top position.  He had lost none of his nobility excellence in every respect."

-Mary Southcott

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