Ch. Tamirak's Ezariah v. Hensan

Ch. Tamirak's Ezariah v. Hensan
Breeder: S.S. Voigt & S.J. Dancosse
Owner: J.C. & D.K. Jones

Ch. Eko-Lanís Paladen ROM

Ch. Doppelt-Tayís Hawkeye ROM

Doppelt-Tayís Jessette
Ch. Tamirak's Ezariah v. Hensan

1972 GV Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan ROM

Von Nassau's Fire N' Ice

Ponca Hill's Fritza

GSDC of America---1978---Winner's Dog

"A medium to large black and golden tan masculine male with a very outreaching gait. He shows an excellent back when on a loose lead and is at his best when shown this way. He has a good shoulder opening and excellent follow through. He is very clean both coming and going and is animated when posed and when gaiting. He has not fully reached his maturity and appears to be slightly leggy when posed. He has a correct mouth and excellent ear set."

"The American Bred Dog, TAMIRAK'S EZARIAH V. HENSAN went Winners because I felt he had the most outreaching and suspended gait coupled with soundness coming and going, good head and earset, excellent temperament and that final plus, great showmanship."

-Connie Beckhardt

GSDC of America---1978---Select #8

"Medium to large black and tan male, nicely proportioned but a little leggy and immature in comparison to the other Selects.  Has a strong back and is clean coming and going.  When on a tight lead and pulling he restricts his front and at times distracts his topline.  But when loose is much freer and coordinated.  His topline smoothes out and he takes a much longer stride.  Would prefer a little more efficiency in follow through.  Presents a good picture in motion is better fast than slow."

-Ed Barritt

GSDC of Western Massachusetts --- April 21, 1979 ---Winners Dog

"When this dog is performing well, he has a beautiful, easy, long length of stride, outreaching with good follow-through. Fore shoulder placed well under the body. This one should improve with age, still a little high on the leg. Very pleasing in action. Clean on both ends."

~ Judge Bob Slay



         Can. Ch. Brown Hill's Hopi Am/Can. CDX TD TT

  Indicates a member of the 13-Club