Ch. Talimar's Rite On Roudy

Ch. Talimar's Rite On Roudy

Breeder:  B. and B. Ross & H. Yancey
Owner: J. and I. Dupzyk & B. Ross

Ch. Hidden Forest Ringmaster
Ch. Talimar's American Express ROM
Bethesda's Palasades of Si-Don
Ch. Talimar's Rite On Roudy
Ch. Talismar's U.R. Roudy ROM
Ch. Talimar's Ma Bell
Sckokrest Pacific Bell

GSDC of America --- October 12th, 1995 --- 6 to 9 Puppy Dog

"A large, masculine black and tan male. Good secondary sex characteristics, sound temperament, sound coming and going, good feet and pasterns, hard back, a very good sidegait with a slight tendency to kick up behind. He was not the best sidegaiter, but overall the best puppy."

~ Fred Migilore