Ch. Trotaway's Fell

Ch. Tortaway's Fell

Breeder:  K M and T D Sherman
Owner: B P Ward, K M and T D Sherman

V-Klodo a.d. Eremitenklause ROM
Ch Von Soler's Balder CD
Wilda Winkingerblut SchH I, ROM
Trotaway's Fell
Ch Derek v Blitzen Hausen
Ch Quincy v Hoheneichen, CD
Ch Dunja v Hoheneichen

GSDC of America --- 1979 --- American Bred Bitch

"A dry, medium sized well pigmented black and tan bitch of excellent over-all balance and proportion. Excellent shoulder placement, good back, nice croup and well-angulated rear assembly. Straight in front in stance. Clean coming and going. Excellent outreaching ground covering side gait with powerful rear drive."

~George Collins