Ch. Tripphill's Dream Spinner HIT, TC

Ch. Tripphill's Dream Spinner HIT & TC
3X Best in Show Winner
OFA GS-55344G25F-T EL9688F25-T
Breeder/Owners: Mary Tripp
DOB: 02/04/97

Ch. Brookwood's Chad of Lockleen

Kaimacha The Racketeer

Int Ch. Kaimacha Jamaica V McCoy CD
Ch. Tripphill's Dream Spinner HIT, TC

Ch. Windwalker's Jolly Roger, ROM

Kaimacha Holly v Windwalker

  Kaimacha Tanzanite

GSDC of Amarillo---September 5th, 1998---Winners Bitch, Best of Winners & Best of Breed

"Dark pigmented Black & Tan bitch, good secondaray sex characteristics. Lovely body type, high withered, good mouth, displayed good temperment, clean coming, twists right hock going away, but not noticiable from sidegaite. She did it easy at any speed and on loose lead. I would think she should finish easily."

-Ellen Migliore

GSDC of America --- 2004 --- 7 to 9 Veteran Bitch

"This bitch looked very nice for a veteran. A dark bitch that had a good back and topline. She had a nice fluid, easy side gait."

~ Rita Sandell