2001 Grand Victor
Ch Survival's Tuff Decision TC ROM

2001 GV Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision TC ROM
Breeder: Andrew Tesiorowski
Owners: Gail M. Hardcastle & Mary Stoll & Andrew Tesiorowski
DOB: 07/10/99-04/29/02


Proven Hill's Sport v Adelgard

AOE 1998 GV Ch. Caraland's Unlimited CD, TC, ROM

Ch. Caraland's Patricia
AOE 2001 GV Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision TC ROM

Ch. Jericho's Gatinue HT ROM

Ch. Survival's Cherry Koolaid

Ch. Hoheneichen Cassandra Survival ROM

GSDC of America---2000---Futurity Dog

"This very stylish high-withered dog medium/large size, gaited his way to the  top honor. Rich black and medium/light tan, and of good proportions, he has excellent secondary sex characteristics and great expression. Exhibited on  a loose lead his back and topline remained firm. Good coming with a strong
outreaching sidegait in front. He had some looseness in hock and I would  have liked more follow-through behind. The longer he went however, the better he got, and I think with maturity he will garner many honors."

~ Helen Franklin

GSDC of America --- 2000 --- Best Opposite Sex in Futurity

"Helen Franklin sent to my ring a beautiful Futurity Dog, large, masculine, with a correct suspended sidegait, clean on both ends, sound temperament, and  correct coupling. He carried a strong back and moved beautifully on a loose or tight lead. His bone, pigment, and head were very pleasing. I thought both Futurity finalists were excellent representatives, and gave the nod to the bitch on shoulder opening."

~ Joan Fox

GSDC of America --- 2000 --- 1st 12 to 18 Dog

"This was my Best Opposite Sex Futurity Dog and he looked even better in the class. A consistent mover who uses both ends with efficiency and smoothness. His feet stay close to the ground and he never waivers. Clean down and back, straight legs, great pigment, and a harmonious total package."

~ Joan Fox

GSDC of America---November 10th, 2001---Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed


GSDC of Canada---2001---Best of Opposite Sex 

"This is a richly pigmented, handsome dog with a large masculine head, good expression and confident manner.  He possesses good angulation on both ends without being over done in the rear and covers the ground with ease.  Shown in excellent condition, he never faltered during the long rundown and was going as well at the end as he was at the beginning.  This is a quality animal who hopefully will help the breed and certainly not hurt it."

~Mr. Jack Newton


2004 Register of Merit Sire

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