Ch. Survival D'Artaganan Stormfield

Ch. Survival D'Artaganan Stormfield

Breeder: Andrew Tesiorowski
Owner: Jack Ogren

Ch. Langenau's Beau of Jeanden ROM

Kennelwood Survival v Windigail

Ch. Hoheneichen's Quinella
Ch. Survival D'Artaganan Stormfield

Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM

Hoheniechen's Cassandra Survival ROM

  Hoheneichen's Bliss

GSDC of America --- 1990 --- Novice Dog

"a large, masculine black and tan male, very handsome with high wither, good croup. A very fluid mover, extending both in front and rear, and will finish fast."

~ Francis Ford Sr.

GSDC of Canada---1990---Winners Dog, Best of Winners & Select #3


GSDC of America---1991---Select #5

Ch. Altana's Talk of the Town
Altana's Kristie, CD
Ch. Langenau's Noveau
Ch Langenau's Coceau of Jahn-D
Ch. Caretti's Gallium
Ch. Puna vom Haus JJ

Asgard's Lotto Fever ROM

Asgard's Baja of Jolyn