Ch. Steigerhaus Einstein

Ch. Steigerhaus Einstein
Breeder:  Rosemary Motta & Don Fraenkel
Owner: Anthony and Rosemary Motta
DOB: September 26th, 1992

Ch. Charisma's Stonewall Jackson

Dolmar's Kodiak TC

Dolmar's Yolara

Ch. Steigerhaus Einstein

Mardon's Led Zepplin

Mardon's Pia of Steigerhaus

Mardon's Juice Newton

GSDC of America---October 2002---Veteran Dog 10 and Over

"This was my "walking the dog" class. At 10 and over, they should all be congratulated for their longevity and good health.

Someone forgot to tell this beautiful black dog that he was not supposed to move the way he did. This is a very nice dog who did not at all look his age. This young fellow just strutted his stuff and showed a very nice reach and follow-through. You could tell that the dog enjoyed showing and that he was having a great time gaiting around the ring."

~John DeHope