Ch. Star K's Valentino

Ch. Star K's Valentino

Breeder: J. Linda & Richard Stark & Scott & Loren Yergin
Owner: J. Linda & Richard Stark
DOB: February 14, 1997

Nike Clayfield Heritage

Ch. Sandyhill's Paco Robanne

Sandyhill's Fzy v Doppelt-Tay

Ch. Star K's Valentino


Skylark's New Year


GSDC of America --- November 1997 --- 6 to 9 Month Puppy Dog



GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---American Bred Dog & Winners Dog

"This was not a flashy dog. He started with a clean, balanced long stride and that's the way he finished. He had a perfect topline whether on a tight or loose lead and maintained it at a slow, medium or full trot."

~ Charolotte LaRose