Snowy River's Joseph's Dream Coat

Snowy River's Joseph's Dream Coat


Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace ROM
AOE Ch. Utopia's Meet Joe Black HT TC
Utopia's Sig Alert ROM
Snowy River's Joseph's Dream Coat
Alta-Regency Gestone (GV Polo son)
Ch. Trinity's Vana-Tee v Regency
Asgard's Ash-Lee of Sonnybee ROM

Great Salt Lake GSDC --- May 3rd, 2003 --- 12 to 18 Dog, Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"This was a very well put together, youngbi-color who presented a very nice package. He was large, maculine, deep, and had a nice middle piece. He had a good back, medium dark eyes, and good ears. An easy, strong mover, he had excellent coordination. He seemed truly an athlete, had an excellent show attitude, and showed consistently and beautifully throughout his time in the ring."

~Kathy Field Casteel, Esq.