V Sigbert Heidegrund ZPr MH1 Kkl 1

V Sigbert Heidegrund ZPr MH1 Kkl 1
SZ 453235
DOB: 08/08/1933

V Curt von Herzog Hedan SchH

VA Odin vom Stolzenfels

V Bella vom Jaqdschlub
V Sigbert Heidegrund ZPr/MH1 Kkl 1

1929 Sgr. VA Utz v Haus Schutting ZPr

Dina von der Webblemannslust SchH I

Hilde v Freudenfels SchH

  • Baldur v Befreiungsplatz
  • Bella v Haus Trippe
  • Barbel v Haus Trippe
  • Gram v Buschwindschlosschen
  • Itta vd Buchenhohe
  • Karin z Stadtkeller 
  • Quido vDurmersheim
  • Quell v Durmersheim 
  • Lasso v Schafergruss


"Sigbert was a truly great dog... Sigbert produced all-around excellent.  He is most usually represented in our imports through the "Q" little -- Durmersheim, and through his illustrious son, Baldur von Befreiungsplatz.  Through this line, including the Baldur sons Arry von der Gassenquelle and Pirol von der Buchenhohe, we get firm, strong backs and good movement, temperament and hindquarter assemblies."

Capt. WM Goldbecker & Ernest Hart
From "This is the German Shepherd"
"One of his best sons was out of an Utz daughter, Dina von Webbelmanslust. From this breeding came Sigbert Heidegrund who is even more significant in the increase in rear angulation. He also had tough character, good back, strong head and was a real credit to the breed. He was a rich gray sable in colour. It is interesting to note the difference in Sigbert from his half brother Ferdl which had opposite direction mother lines, yet they were both great."

~ Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History