Ch. Schaferhaus' Huston of Azuma

Ch. Schaferhaus' Huston of Azuma

Breeder: J. Hamasaki and Schaferhaus Knls
Owner: J. Hamasaki
DOB: November 23rd, 1980

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Ch. Schaferhaus' Huston of Azuma
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GSDC of Sacramento Valley Inc. --- September 4th, 1983 --- Best of Breed

"My Best of Breed was a dog unknown to me. I initially placed him third in my ranking of the six Specials present plus Winners Dog and Winners Bitch. As I moved the animals after this initial placing, I became aware of the very long period of suspension of this very handsome dog. The period was significantly longer than others in the class. Not only was there a beautifully balanced, sweeping side gait, but complete trueness coming and going. The dog is so outstandingly balanced and correct that you don't see one part stand out over others and this can actually lead one to overlook the dog initially. However, I believe he will be a top winner and should produce well. I was pleased to find that he had been BOB the day before under Connie Beckhardt. This is a dog to watch for."

~ Robert E. Williamson