2001 Select Excellent
Ch. Sandmark's Del Rio

Sandmark's Del Rio
OFA GS63045G25M-PI/EL13293-PL
Breeder/Owners: Tony & Audrey Braga
DOB: 12/03/01

Ch. Bomar Rio Grande of Covy-Tucker Hill ROM

Summerside's Army of Sandmark PT

Octoberfest Nibelung
Select Ex. Ch. Sandmark's Del Rio

Ch. Coastline Wiskey Pete of Asgard CD

Nike Clayfield Genuine Risk

  Ch. Nike Clayfield First Love ROM

GSD Fanciers of N. California---January 27, 2001---Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"This is a large, 13-month-old puppy with lots of body and frame to mature into.  He is a medium black and tan with a very masculine head.  This guy has good ribbing and breed type, and is one striking fellow.  He says "style" whether stacked or in motion.  He is so animated and exuberant that he stated off by lifting in front.  This was not due to his structure, and he finally settled down and exhibited a lovely sidegait.  He's an exciting youngster who makes finishing a breeze.  It will be gun to see him all grown up."

--Judge: Kathy Field Casteel, Esq.


GSDC of America---November 10th, 2001---Select #12

"A large black and tan dog with a good amount of leg and an impressive side gait.  He has an excellent shoulder and uses it well.  His size and shoulder allow him to cover a lot of ground easily.  He can move with the best.  He is very masculine and has a large head."

~Mr. Jack Newton