Ch. Salenchar's Flint

Ch. Salenchar's Flint

Breeder: Donna Kimber
Owner: Charles Sedgewick
DOB: June 6th, 1985

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM

1984 GV Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen ROM

Ch. Cobert's Zephyr of Windigail ROM
Ch. Salenchar's Flint


Salenchar's Kimberly II


October 1987---Winners Dog

"Young dog medium size black and reddish tan.  Very handsome and well angulated.  Alert expression, very animated.  Clean coming and going.  Possessed a fluid coordinated outreaching side gait that covered a lot of ground.  High wither, very good back and topline, presented a very beautiful outline of body standing and in motion."

-Meridith Johnson Snyder