Ch. Rulin's Brenner Pass v. Danja TC

Ch. Rulin's Brenner Pass v. Danja TC
OFA GS-15827

GV Ch. Baobab's Chaz ROM

Valmy's Coaltown

Ch. Valmy's Uncola CD

Rulin's Brenner Pass v. Danja

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM

Breauhausen's Scotch On Rocks

Wonderland's Holly ROM

GSDC of Maryland---April 7th, 1984---Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"Nice male, masculine, very handsome to look at whether standing or in motion. Clean at both ends and uses his structure as one would think he should. Moved very well whether on a loose or tight lead. Beautiful topline. One could indeed have placed a cup on his back and it would not have spilled. Very effortless gait, not really extreme at either end."

-Fred Schmidtke


         Cherrybottom's Michael Knight

  Denotes a member of the  13-Club