2003 Select Excellent
Ch. Rosewood's Maestro

Rosewood's Maestro

Breeder/Owner: Bo Vujovich 
DOB: 01/09/02

Ch. Rosewood's Adonis of Anne-Isle
Rosewood's Hercules
Rosewood's Misdemeanor (Mastercharge dau)
Select Ex. Ch. Rosewood's Maestro
Ch. Rosewood's Adonis of Anne-Isle
Rosewood's Angel Eyes
Rosewood's Evita (Pete dau)

GSDC of America --- October 2003 --- American Bred Dog, Winners Dog

"This was an exceptionally exciting class with a great many beautiful dogs in competition, many of whom I am sure will finish their championships. I had to work them a lot. The class as a whole might have been my best. This richly pigmented gorgeous dog excited me greatly. He was near to what I want ideally: as extreme, as masculine, as richly pigmented, as beautifully proportion, as balanced and fluid, and as sound and agile as my personal rendition of the Standard. I'd take an inch off his mid-piece. He has incredible front reach with powerful rear drive, and moves close to the ground with a long period of suspension. Something hard to find. When he moved to the front of the group he was as spirited and assured as the Maestro of a first class symphony."

~ Cappy Pottle


GSDC of America --- October 2003 --- Select #9

~ Dave Rinke


GSDC of Minneapolis St. Paul, Inc. --- Saturday, June 24, 2006 --- Best of Breed

"This is a large, masculine, rich black and tan guy with a dark eye, good ears, good feet, nice hock, good middle piece, shiny coat, very deep, and with a GREAT back. This is one excellent moving dog with shoulder extension. He has a good temperament and attitude and emits intelligence. He is so handsome!"

~ Kathy Field Casteel Esq.

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Bloomberry Dijou Von Dinhart