Rivendell's Willy Wonka v Legacy NW TC HIC

Rivendell's Willy Wonka v Legacy NW TC HIC
DNA On File (Pre-Lim H & E)


Am/Can Sel Ch. Woodhaven's In Search Of TC ROM

Am/Can Ch. Tate's Uncus

Leiter's Kiona ROM
Rivendell's Willy Wonka v Legacy NW TC HIC

Ch. Leiter's Excalibur ROM

Linair's Hanna

Ch. Rivendell's Solid Gold ROM

GSDC of PNW---May 13th, 2000---Winners Dog

"A small male, but certainly within the Standard, who posses excellent type. Black and rich gold/red pigment, Strong, strong middle piece, with short coupling, and straight underline (no tuck-up). Drove hard with good under-reach and clean follow through. His lenght, layback, and lay of blade is exceptional, allowing an excellent opening of shoulder. This balance of front and rear angulation relates to hs ability to stay low to the ground while in motion. This male thrust his neck forward and extends himself with a correct lever back. He also posses a correct length and slope of croup. As steep croups are so prevalent today this was an additional plus. He also has short strong hocks. Although pushed by the Open dog, he won on his superior extension. I would like to see more substance."

-Nancy Harper

Ch. Greatland's The Lady of Liberty