Ch. Riverdell's Dark Illusion ROM

Ch. Riverdell's Dark Illusion ROM

Breeder: Charlotte Gilbert
Owners: Charlotte, Larry & Amie Gilbert
DOB: March 17th, 1983

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Ch. Riverdell's Dark Illusion ROM

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Ch. Enzian's Cameo of Riverdell

GSDC of Long Island --- May 3rd, 1986 ---Winners Dog

"Beautifully mature well balanced dog.  Excellent breed type.  good back and croup, nice short loin and deep ribbing.  Nice angles, no wasted motion from the side and sound coming and going.  Excellent pigment.  Very nice head and ear set.  Correct bite... 1 missing premolar."

-Terri Miles Green

GSDC of America---1987---Select #4

"Well proportioned firm dry dog with good angles.  In order to make him more perfectly balanced he should have a bit more bone."

-Ernest Loeb

1996 Register of Merit Sire


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Denotes a member of the 13th Club